Spaniel puppy

Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy animal doll.
Very dettailed and poseable!
The  dog is made with author patterns created with a lot of attention to dettails. He is 44 cm/17,3” (from head to tail) and 35cm 13.7” from the floor, has sculpted and painted hand made details in clay. You can out him in a lot of poses , completelly poseable, realisticully heavy.
• Material: faux fur, fiberfill
• Head: glass eyes, polimer clay sculpted details. Movable Open-close mouth with teeth (up& down) and tongue, flexible neck
• Body: flexible with skeleton, soft stuffed with fiberfill 
• Arms & Legs:  flexible with skeleton, soft stuffed with fiberfil, realistic clay paws, clay claws
• Has a flexable tail
This is an art collection toy not sutable for a small child.
Pet portrait of your dog can be MADE BY ORDER. Send me the photo of your dog and we will discuss how to make a copy of it

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