Alicorn / Winged white unicorn

You can put him in a lot of poses , completelly poseable, realisticully heavy. Open-close wings. Has a good stability also on 3 legs. Can assume a nice realistic laying down position. Made with author patterns created with a lot of attention to dettails.
He is 63cm (from the floor to ears), 54cm (from head to tail), wide-open wings 107 cm. has sculpted details in clay and resin, painted by hand
• Material: synthetic plush, faux fur,fiberfill
• Head: glass eyes. flexible neck, natural goat wool for mane
• Body: flexible with skeleton, soft stuffed with fiberfill
• Legs: flexible with skeleton, flexible knees, soft stuffed with fiberfil, detailed hooves
• Wings: 360° flexible, up&down, open&closed. Made with faux fur, textile, skeleton and armature
• tail from natural goal wool
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